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SON Preparation Day


SON Preparation Day

Join us in Serving Our Neighbors as we honor God our Father in preparing for the next major emergency on Father's Day, the 2nd Sunday in June.

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SON Preparation Day is an annual day set aside on Father's Day to prepare for Serving Our Neighbors during the next national crisis, terrorist attack or natural disaster, like a major earthquake hitting the Northwest. What better way to honor God, our Father, this coming Father's Day than by being ready to Serve Our Neighbors with His Love and Power!

Take the time even now to prepare your home, church, ministry or service and be ready with enough food and water stored for several days and be prepared to live without electricity, phones and computers. But more importantly, be prepared to serve your neighbors with signs, wonders & miracles as you believe God to meet your needs and those around you.

Create a 72 Hour Family Kit Before Disaster Strikes! When a disaster strikes, your community emergency services and government agencies may not be able to respond to your family's needs immediately. They will be overwhelmed. In the event you need to evacuate at a moment's notice and take essentials with you, you probably will not have the opportunity to shop or search for the supplies you and your family will need. Every home should assemble a disaster supply kit and keep it up to date. Review The Christian Emergency Network's 72 Hour Survival Checklist!

Any church, ministry or service desiring to become a shelter in the event of an emergency would be best prepared to deliver prayer, care and share effectively if the commitment to being an outpost were made in advance. There are at least 40 important questions to consider before becoming a shelter & at least 20 steps of actions that must be completed before disaster strikes. Review The Christian Emergency Network's Becoming a Shelter Checklist!

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